A Letter from Father John
A Letter from Father John
Father John Durbin

New Building Project Announcement
from Father John

I’d like to thank you for your generosity over these past several years that has allowed us to pay off our $3.1 Million mortgage 5 years early.  This is a real testament to your commitment to the ongoing work and service of the parish.

I have some important news to share with you regarding our New Building Project.

At the recent New Building Committee meeting, the project budget was presented.  Since the original budget of 2007, the Town of Chapel Hill has required additional site work and added more energy efficiencies for new construction, coupled with additional permit fees.  As a result, even though nothing new is being added to the project, our budget has increased – by 1 million and 58 thousand dollars.

At this meeting, the committee and I made a decision to continue our Capital Campaign from two years ago – with one major change: we will focus efforts on the 1100 families who have yet to pledge to our original campaign, including new parishioners and new school families.

Our goal is to achieve 100% participation.  Those of you who have yet to pledge will be contacted by a volunteer beginning in mid-January; we intend to finish by the end of March.

If you pledged to our earlier campaign, THANK YOU!  In the event that you would like to increase your existing pledge or make an additional gift, we would certainly welcome your generosity.  Please contact Dennis Egan at the parish office if you would like to do so.

We’re making this announcement now so that anyone wanting to take advantage of a tax deduction on your gift this year can arrange to do so.

Despite the economic challenges we face, I am confident that each and every member of our community will help us to succeed in raising the amount needed.

I thank each and every one of you for all of the contributions of time, talent, and treasure that you continue to make to The Catholic Community of St. Thomas More.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
(Rev.) John G. Durbin



Last Published: September 28, 2009 4:25 PM