Scripture Resources for Catechists

April 17 2014

Holy Thursday

jesus_washes_the_disciples'_feetGospel: John 13:1-15 (Jesus washes his disciples' feet)

Scripture Commentary for Catechists

Question of the Week (Adults):

What is the most difficult thing you have done as a service to another person?

Question of the Week (Children):

What is the hardest thing you have ever done for a person who needed your help?

Catechism Connection

447 - Jesus' title 'Lord'
520 - Jesus is the model for our lives
609 - Jesus "loved them to the end"
616 - Jesus' love for all give his sacrifice value for redemption
1085 - Christ's Paschal Mystery is ever-present in the liturgy
1694 - Following Jesus' example

April 20 2014

Easter Sunday, Year A

Gospel: John 20:1-9 (Peter and the disciple at the tomb)

Scripture Commentary for Catechists

'Sunday Connection' Scripture Commentary

Question of the Week (Adults):

How can you show this week that you really believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

Question of the Week (Children):

To whom could you tell the story of Jesus rising from the dead?

Catechism Connection (Gospel):

515 - Jesus as 'sacrament' of God
638-658 - The Resurrection
2174 - Jesus rose on "the first day of the week"

Saints this Week

April 21 Saint Anselm
April 23 Saint George patron of England, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Boy Scouts, Soldiers
April 24 Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen
April 25 Saint Mark Evangelist, patron of Notaries